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Taste of the East

Houston's Most Acclaimed Asian Restaurant

​음료(Beverage) &


칼국수(Kalguksu : Noodle)

Side Dish

안주류(Side Dish with Alcholic Beverage)

Our Story Begins In The East, South Korea, Hamhung

Hamhung, South Hamgyong Province is the center of the city Hamgyong Province Education and cultural administration.
The city is the capital facing the fertile the fields overlooking one of the acidic banryong eyes Zhoushan

Sungchun river stream is wrapped to resemble that look like this pyeongyangseong jinjuseong and, having run down.
Particularly high enthusiasm for education and hyangtosaek deep pride of Hamhung people were not exceptional enough to be easily neombol.
Food and culture also play a leading role in Hamgyong food was supporting the temperament of the people Hamgyong.
Therefore, local food Hamgyong Hamhung There were quite a few that stick is a proper noun.
The representative would Hamhung and noodle hamheungga ritguk (galbitang), Hamgyong dumplings, Hamgyong ahbayi sundae, sundae is dynamic.

Hamhung is especially noodle elasticity and smooth spicy aftertaste, tough material the specialties of potato starch in the Hamgyong
Hamgyong people julgichan muscular endurance and one who can not boil maeteumyeon showing at a glance

Regarded hand-typical food.
[Reference]: gimsungyeong, "Our Food Story - Hamhung noodle"


"When you drink the water, remember the spring"

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